SID NL is an independent platform organisation, which contributes to a sustainable and peaceful world through stimulating, renewing and broadening the international cooperation debate in the Netherlands, and subsequently influencing the policy discussion.

The philosophy of SID NL is that development and social change can only occur if multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder and multi-track approach is applied. SID NL is one of a few organisations in the Netherlands which applies this approach by creating strategic partnerships with other relevant initiatives and organisations.

SID NL approach has been borne out of both a necessity as well as a conviction. On one side SID is realistic about its own strengths and outreach, therefore a number of organisations and initiatives are being involved in the planning and execution of this project. And on the other side SID strongly believes in collaborative efforts rather than doubling and repetition of each other efforts. It is our conviction the 3Cs (coherence, coordination and complementarity) are not only a matter of development policies but should also be embraced by all stakeholders on the national and European landscape, from policy makers via politicians to academics and researchers as well as civil society organisation.

SID Netherlands Chapter works together with:  


  Humanity House



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Radboud University Nijmegen

VU University



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