Who we are

The Society for International Development in the Netherlands (SID NL) is a debate-driven network organisation. By creating a platform for discussion for future-oriented and creative advocates, SID NL sharpens the thinking on international development. By bringing a mix of stakeholders together to question the normative, we have been at the forefront for many years: shaping the debate on development questions and influencing decision-makers.

We are part of a broad international network, the Society for International Development, which facilitates dialogue and promotes knowledge-sharing on a global scale. SID NL is a platform where civil society, NGOs, students, academics, private partners,  government officials, politicians, media and interested citizens meet and share the commitment to successful international cooperation and development.

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What we do

SID NL uses a variety of instruments to inspire the debate on shaping the global future. We work closely together with partners , such as NCDO (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development), the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISS (International Institute of Social Studies) and the VU University Amsterdam, to involve a wide audience and to create a multiplier effect of cooperation. Each SID NL activity provides the public with the opportunity to enter into a debate with (an) influential (international) speaker(s).

Lecture Series

We organise series of lectures where a specific subject is discussed from multiple perspectives. The innovative subjects are inspired by the ideas of the SID NL Advisory Council.

Ad hoc debates on topical issues

In partnership with various organisations, SID NL creates a podium for high-quality discussions on topics that dominate the news in the field of international development.

Expert meetings

In order to be agenda-setting and influential in the field of international development, a proper understanding of the challenges is essential. To that end, we organise expert meetings, where invitees debate a particular issue in greater detail. Expert meetings have taken place on topics like global citizenship, migration and performance based aid.

Panel discussions

The panel discussions that SID NL organises are characterised by a wide variety of opinions, interactive dynamics and cutting edge debating.

Knowledge dissemination

Activities of SID NL often result in (concise) publications and reports which are for sale or can be downloaded for free. Please go to our publication page if you are interested.


What makes SID a unique actor in the development arena is its network with over 3000 members. It works with more than 100 associations, networks and institutions involving academia, parliamentarians, students, political leaders and development experts, both at local and international level.

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Board and organisation

The Netherlands Chapter consists of a Board, a Secretariat, and a small team at the secretariat for carrying out the activities. In addition, an Advisory Council has recently been set up in order to give input regarding content of SID NL’s main activities.


René Grotenhuis, President     Photo: M. Doelman

Mr. R.B.M. Grotenhuis, President

Ms. H.A. Wink, Treasurer

Mr. B.S.M. Berendsen

Mr. J. Iedema

Mr. C.T.M. Kouwenaar

Ms. H. Menninga

Mr. R.W.M. Nijs

Ms. A.A. Rottenberg

Strategic Advisor: Ms. Henny de Vries


Zeestraat 100
2518 AD The Hague, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)70 2050215

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Ms. Afke de Groot  (Coordinator)
Ms. Frida van der Graaf (Projects and Membership)

Mr. Bram Vingerling (Project Assistant)

Ms. Monique den Ouden (Project Assistant)


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