– Lecture Series 2012-13

In September 2012, SID NL starts with the 2012-2013 Lecture Series. This academic year, the lecture series is divided into two parts.

Part I reflects on the lessons learned from more than 50 years of official development assistance (ODA). In a rapidly changing world of international cooperation, the development architecture is more multi-coloured and complex than ever before. Next to a growing number of states, non-state actors are playing an increasing role in international development. New forms of cooperation, such as South-South, public-private and private-private partnerships are gaining importance next to traditional North-South cooperation. What will a new approach to development look like? And how can it be shaped?

In part II, starting in 2013, the focus shifts towards the role of the private sector in sustainable development and growth, moving from corporate social responsibility, the human dimension of private investments to the leverage businesses have in the countries they operate. Our financial system will be discussed as well as public procurement for sustainability.

All the summary reports of the ten lectures are compiled in one document. You can find the compilation here.


For the background information and the programme of Part I of this series, please click here.

For the background information and the programme of Part II of this series, please click here.

Flyer 2012-2013


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