– Bread and Brains

Eat some Bread, use your Brains, and Be Inspired: Join us!

The Bread and Brains Lunch Series is an initiative by the Society for International Development and Humanity House in The Hague to create an informal meeting place for representatives of (international) organisations, NGOs, knowledge institutes, private sector, government and others to connect and discuss issues in the field of international cooperation, development, peace and justice. Prominent speakers from or working in the Netherlands share their views, while visitors enjoy an organic lunch and engage in the lively debate.

More info about the Bread&Brains series can be found here.

2013-2014 Bread and Brains sessions

+   14 November: Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol // “Challenges of Policing a Globalised World” // Find the invitation here

+   10 October 2013: Eduard Nazarski, Director of Amnesty International Netherlands // “Human Righs in Russia” // Find the summary report here

+   19 September 2013: Former Minister of Development Cooperation (ISS) Jan Pronk //  ”The Future of International & Development Cooperation” // Please find the summary report here


2012-2013 Bread & Brains sessions:

The first Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 20 September, during the International Week of the City of The Hague. Peter van Uhm, former Chief of Defence of the Netherlands was our guestspeaker and he spoke on:

”Security and austerity: how will defence budget cuts affect international peace, stability and development?”

                               Please find the summary report here.

The second Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 18 October. Frans Bieckmann, researcher and journalist in international relations, development and security policy, spoke on:

‘Strategic Idealism in Practice: stories from Sudan’

Please find the summary report here.

ManuelaMonteiroThe third Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 15 November. Manuela Monteiro, director of Hivos and contributor to the report ‘Unequal Worlds’ of the AIV, spoke on: 

‘Unequal Worlds: Poverty, Growth, Inequality and the Role of International Cooperation’

                                     Please find the summary report here.

JaimeThe fourth Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 17 January 2013. Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spoke on:

“Resources and conflict: the role of the Netherlands in building sustainable economies”

Please find the summary report here.

The fifth Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 21 February 2013. Sir David Baragwanath, the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) spoke on:

“The Rule of law: how can the STL strengthen and extend the operation of the rule of law?

Here you can find the summary report and Baragwanath’s speech.

The sixth Bread&Brains lunch took place on Thursday 21 March 2013. Former Dutch Minister of Defence, Eimert van Middelkoop, spoke on:

“International Cooperation and Stability Missions

Please find the summary report here.

The seventh Bread&Brains lunch takes place on Thursday 18 April 2013. President of The Hague Institute for Global Justice, Dr. Abodiun Williams will speak on:

“Conflict Prevention: Challenges and Opportunities

Please find the summary report here.

The eighth Bread & Brains lunch takes place on Thursday 16 May 2013. General Director for Médecins sans Frontières, Arjan Hehenkamp will speak on:

                      “A Critical Perspective on our Aid System in Crisis Situations”

Please find the summary report here.

The ninth Bread & Brains lunch takes place on Thursday 20 June 2013. President of the International Criminal Court, Judge Sang-Hyun Song, will speak on:

                      “The Future Role of the ICC

Please find the summary report here.
View here the speech of President Song.


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